Non Profit - Guest: Ryan Johnston

Episode 19: Non Profit - Guest: Ryan Johnston

We speak to Ryan Johnston about his journey into tech, his fantastic hair, his recent new job role and what makes him uncomfortable!

Show notes

Summary Dive into the dynamic world of Power Platform with Ryan Johnston, who brings a fresh perspective from web development to Power Apps 911. His story is a thrilling blend of tech savvy and human touch, showcasing how vital communication and understanding client needs are in tech consultancy. Ryan’s flair for design shines as he advocates for more creative freedom in Canvas apps. Beyond the screen, he champions work-life harmony, valuing family time over the grind, and underscores the importance of rest for mental well-being and career sustainability. It’s a tale of innovation, empathy, and balance!

Key Takeaways

  • Power Platform offers opportunities for professionals from unconventional backgrounds.
  • A background in web development can be beneficial when transitioning to Power Apps.
  • Soft skills, such as communication and public speaking, are essential in consultancy roles.
  • Power Platform provides a creative and efficient way to develop apps. Effective communication and soft skills are crucial in client-facing roles.
  • Customization options for styling and theming in Canvas apps should be improved.
  • Setting boundaries and prioritizing family is essential for a healthy work-life balance.
  • Rest and self-care are important for mental health and longevity in the business.

Special Thanks to Ryan Johnston for joining us for this episode! You can find their socials at:

KenLikeFit for providing music for this episode - Find out more about him and listen to his music here


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