Purview Wizardry - Guest: Peter Rising

Episode 21: Purview Wizardry - Guest: Peter Rising

We chat to Peter Rising about his journey into tech, Purview and Compliance, his Mental Health Journey and what makes him uncomfortable!

Show notes

Summary We're joined in this episode by Peter Rising, Insight’s cyber security sage, as he charts a course through the world of security and compliance. His journey from YouTube presence and Microsoft 365 mastery underscores the art of compliance and the essence of data guardianship. Beyond tech, Peter shares his personal journey with mental health, from battling anxiety to advocating for self-acceptance. He also reflects on his son’s experiences during the pandemic. The episode culminates with a candid take on imposter syndrome, celebrating authenticity in the digital age.

Key Takeaways

  • Peter Rising's journey into the Microsoft space and his experience with YouTube channel growth.
  • The significance of compliance and Purview in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, with a focus on cybersecurity and data protection.
  • The challenges of user adoption, change management, and the importance of communication in compliance.
  • The significance of data protection and governance in cybersecurity.
  • The impact of significant life events on mental health and the journey of self-discovery
  • The importance of understanding and managing phobias and embracing one's neurodiversity
  • The significance of being true to oneself and overcoming imposter syndrome

Special Thanks to

Peter Rising for joining us for this episode! You can find their socials at:

KenLikeFit for providing music for this episode - Find out more about him and listen to his music here


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