We're in so much trouble - Guest: Mark Smith

Episode 20: We're in so much trouble - Guest: Mark Smith

We chat to the legend Mark Smith on his journey into Tech, Lawn Mowers, being an MVP and what makes him uncomfortable.

Show notes

Summary Join the electrifying chat with Mark Smith, Power Platform maestro and Microsoft MVP, as he slices through tech norms with his robotic lawnmower passion and dyslexia superpower! Discover the MVP program’s lucrative perks and dive into Mark’s 90-Day Mentoring Challenge, a career catapult for many. He decodes the essence of job satisfaction, leadership vs. management, and the corporate maze. Mark’s mantra? ‘Hell Yeah or Hmm’—a guide to seizing roles that resonate with your core. It’s a masterclass in growth, grit, and the art of the pivot—fuel for the tech trailblazer in you!

Key Takeaways

  • MVP Rewards: Financial gains and global opportunities with Microsoft.
  • Dyslexia Advantage: A unique lens for spotting hidden chances.
  • 90-Day Challenge: A mentoring boost for Power Platform and Dynamics 365 enthusiasts.
  • Selective Commitment: Saying ‘no’ enhances life satisfaction.
  • Passion & Success: Align work with strengths for job joy.
  • Leadership: Aim to lead, not just manage.
  • Fulfilling Roles: Choose what resonates, not what’s expected.
  • Beyond Big Corp: Seek fulfilling alternatives to corporate culture.
  • Power Platform Pathway: Certify and grow within the platform.
  • Decisive Mindset: ‘Hell Yeah or Hmm’ for purposeful choices.
  • Skill Refinement: Hone abilities with feedback.
  • Challenge Conquest: Learn through discomfort.
  • Iterative Progress: Start small, improve steadily.

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